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Do You Have A Troubled Relationship With Your Teen?

Are You At the End of Your Rope?

Are you Reluctant to Talk About it With Friends and Family?

You Are Not Alone.

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ISBN-13: 978-0979841125

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 Read about other familiesí experiences.

 Discover where their kids started to change and what the parents did and didnít do in response.

 Learn what worked and what didnít work for the parents and teens.

 Hear what the experts have to say about dangerous teen behavior, warning signs and their tips for effective parenting and coping when nothing works.


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Dear Friends,

Although itís common for parents to complain about their teens, some teen behavior is beyond the norm.† Many parents are worried about drugs, alcohol, anger issues, and other unacceptable behaviors.† Some are estranged from their children.

I wrote this book because I had problems with my son.† The frustrations and heartache were beyond what I ever would have anticipated.† I worried about our son, felt like a failure, and truly felt alone in this mess.

When I decided to be honest about our situation with a few friends, I heard many stories in return.† Parents who had previously bragged about their kids had hair-raising stories to share.† A friendís son was in juvenile detention.† Another person mentioned a son I never knew she had: they had not talked in years.

Learning I was not alone and there were people dealing with even more difficult issues gave me some relief.† I also learned that sometimes things do work out, and other times, the best thing we can learn to do is cope.

I interviewed parents who candidly shared their experiences raising difficult teens.  In some instances, the families are estranged, others have cordial relationships, and some families share how they fully repaired their relationships.  They shared their family histories, turning points for the kids, what worked and what didnít.†

Next, I interviewed various experts who work with troubled teens and/or their parents.† These experts provided advice and insights for parents experiencing problems with their teens, and information for parents worrying that they might face difficult times.† I had no idea about the range of services available to parents and teens.

Itís my hope that this book will help parents of teens who are already in trouble and those who want to avoid these difficulties.

Youíre welcome to view a PDF sample of the book.† If youíd like to contact me, Iíll respond as soon as possible.† For additional information, resources, and a space to comment confidentially, please see my blog.

Best Wishes,


I found the book useful for parents going through difficult times raising their teenage children. It is nice to know that you are not alone and there are several helpful resources listed in the book. Marcia Stein did a good job pulling together information, making it easier for parents find the right resource for their particular situation.

~ Anne Joseph