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Combing my love of interviewing and curiosity about life and people, I decided to write a series of articles and books about people’s lives, love and work.  It’s interesting to learn where people are in their lives, how they got there, and what advice they have for others.

As my work involves recruiting, my first book explores what recruiters do for a living and what this is a like as a vocation.  I interviewed top Silicon Valley recruiters and wrote the book Recruiters on Recruiting.  Please visit click here for more information.

Next I wrote the book that was in my heart, Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens.  As the parent of a teen who put us through so much, I eventually started to share what was going on in our lives, what worried us, what scared us, and what made us happy.

I learned that many parents don’t often have the “ideal” family, even the ones that appear that way from the outside.  It was a relief to find other parents who had experienced the same and sometimes it was much worse that we’d experienced.  Many are estranged from their children, one of the biggest heartaches.  Honestly, it was a relief to learn that sometimes things do work out: the kid grows up, the families reconcile, they have good relationships.

It seemed a good idea to talk with professionals and learn from them, and it was helpful to talk with people from different backgrounds who work with teens and parents.  You can read more about the book and see a sample by clicking here.

I also create and deliver presentations and talks to organizations and companies and serve as a panel moderator and panelist.   Is there a topic you’d like me to speak about? 

And if you’d like me to cover a topic or interview your family, let me know.

Please explore my website and contact me for more information.  I’m only a click away!


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