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Sharing family stories connects us and reminds us who we are, where we are from, how far our families have come.

Do you want to preserve your family history?

What are your favorite family stories? Do you have a great story about how your grandparents met?

Its so easy to take those stories for granted; weve heard them a hundred times and we hope to hear them a hundred more. The problem is: sometimes we dont.

My dad died decades ago. I can clearly hear my father playing piano, laughing and joking, but my son will never hear this. Mama had a great way with a sly quip, but she didnt live to meet my son. I wish wed had some tapes of them, something in addition to some photos to hear or see what they were like, their life experiences, their thoughts about the world.

Isnt it important to capture all of this before its too late?

Years ago, I taped a series of interviews with family members, and this provided not only family history, but great insight into how our evolution as a family, how they were as children, and what matters most to them as adults. It is a wonderful keepsake for all of us.

Would you like to capture your family history? Just contact me and well talk about it.

I can interview and voice record your family members, asking questions youd like me to ask and my own series of questions.

* Learn and capture your family history.

* Hear your favorite stories from your favorite people.

* Preserve your memories.

Additional services:

* Printed transcription of the interview.

* Editing the transcribed interview into a narrative piece.

* Referral for a book jacket design and information on self-publishing.